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*Zengo Crystal Quartz Vial Necklace

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Zengo Armoatherapy Bracelet
Item Number: ZSBN01
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  • bops Zengo Crystal Quartz Vial Necklace
  • All vial necklaces are on a leather cord that adjusts from 22" to 42" in length
  • Vials vary from 1.5" to 2.5" in length
  • Shapes and colors will vary slightly, as all vials are natural stones and crystals
  • Use the included pipette to fill the vial with your favorite essential oil or perfume.
  • Simply unscrew the top, add the oil and reattach the top. Necklace will not diffuse oils on its own.
  • Carry your favorite essential oil or perfume with you all day long!