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Bops Gives Back

Bops Gives Back

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We are women making a difference in the world.

And we're doing it thanks to your support.

For the past 18 years, Bops has been wholesaling beautiful products to our customers around the world. While successful, we knew there needed to be more to our business than just selling nice things to good people.

This is why 5 years ago we changed everything.

Today, Bops is not only profitable - we are also purposeful. Run by three passionate women, Amy, Michelle and Leah, we are on a mission to give back, turning a portion of each sale into donations that really make a difference in the world. As a small family, our team works from a small town in Louisiana, sourcing products and giving hope to people in the world that need it most.

Among the areas we give back is a rural community in India. 13 years ago we initiated a sewing program, teaching women a vital skill they could use to support and take care of their families. Since then, we've graduated over 260 women from our year-long, fully-funded sewing class. We know that the future will be made by female leaders in their communities, which is why we are so passionate in investing in women's education, whether they are thousands of miles away or right in our own backyard.

Today, we focus on sourcing products we love in a responsible way, using artisans, family-owned factories and women's cooperatives in Nepal, India, China, Guatemala, and the United States to help us achieve the boho artistic vibe we are known for.

Each day our team works hard to provide our customers with items they can sell in their stores and feel good about. Our conscious purchasing is something that we hope becomes contagious. We believe that by lifting others up, they will do the same for the people they meet. Together, we can make a real difference in the world.

Bops is doing it one product at a time.

"If you get, give. If you learn, teach." - Maya Angelou